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Tracy Fitch has served students as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired since 2006 and has experience working with students across all ages, degree of visual impairment and ability level. In addition to her years of experience,  she completed her Masters in Low Vision Blindness in 2011. She has had two students compete and reach the National Level Braille Challenge. She has served the state of Georgia as a CVI Mentor since 2015 and received her Perkins-Roman CVI Range Endorsement in the Spring of 2016. 



She provides support to parents, teachers and school districts through assessments, educational planning, teacher to teacher collaboration and trainings. 

01. Experienced

Over a decade of experience as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired serving students of all ages, disability areas and degree of Visual Impairment.

02. leadership


A Cortical Visual Impairment Mentor to the state of Georgia and a presenter at both local and national conferences.


03. passion


A desire to see every child uniquely and ensure not only appropriate access, but success throughout life.


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